ms. mayhem

This little terror is the number one reason I need a nap, but never actually get one.


I didn’t have to search very long to find this picture of her. In fact, I have numerous videos of both kids screaming on multiple occasions. I consider it free birth control.

Austen lives for food, she worships food. She weighed 20 pounds when she was only 4 months old, and she just keeps on getting fatter. Luckily she is rather tall, so she only looks really fat rather than severely plump (there is a difference).

She can roll around the house, sit up, pretend to crawl (uses her arms to scoot), manage to make raspberries and other baby sounds the entire length of our church meetings, and drools 4.7 liters of saliva per day.

To be fair, although she does spend some of her time crying, much of her time is spent like this:



I am only being nice and posting these because she is currently asleep. And because her grandmothers would kill me if I only posted one not so cute picture of her.


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