mrs. knapp

I am a lover of art, music, assorted food stuffs, books, family, anything green, Seinfeld, thrifting, taking naps, organized areas, and quite a few other things that you will actually have to find out by reading the blog (this is just the cliff notes, people).


2 thoughts on “mrs. knapp

  1. Mistty says:

    Awe Ness….I know how much you live Christmas, so moving for you must have been so hard! In sorry you had to go through that! But it will make you a much stronger family! I miss you guys so much! How is the new little knapp baby? Is she as good as Lexie was as a baby? We miss lexie! We would love to keep in touch and see you guys whenever possible! 🙂

    • We miss you too! Reading your comment made me tear up. Your babies are growing and I never get to see them! Luckily I believe we will always be friends, regardless of how often we actually get to see each other:)

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