The sound of silence

I am the worst mother in the universe. At 3am I downloaded an app called “shh”. But what does a shh app actually do? Well, it uses your phone’s microphone to pick up sounds. Whenever it hears a sound, it begins “shh-ing” until the sound stops.


It instantly made Austen go back to sleep every time she started to arch her back and cry from her stomach ache. Which meant I went right back to sleep as well.

This app would be awesome in a library, church, strapped to my four-year-old that yells to communicate…the list could go on and on.

Is this app ethical? What would YOU use it for?

Thank you “Shh”. I may not need a nap today after all.


5 thoughts on “The sound of silence

    • It was a rather soothing shhh…I might use it for my own sleep issues! I always sleep like a baby….meaning I wake up at every sound and wake a couple times throughout the night:) the Shhhh-ing may be beneficial for all of us!

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