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Welcome to the jungle

The “hotel” experience did have some positive aspects.

Four to be exact:

1. Upgrade

Regardless of what apartment/condo/house we decided to rent it would be more grand than the hotel. It would be bigger. It would be less smelly. It would have less sketchy neighbors. It would instantly be an upgrade, even if we found a pretty bad place.

We would also have pillows.

One night Cameron blurted “now I know what sleeping on a toilet seat feels like!” What he meant by this was the fact that our pillows were about half an inch thick and made of the same plastic as those plushy toilet seats made him feel like his face was on a toilet seat. No big deal.

2. chick-fil-a

We discovered how amazing chick-fil-a is. Not only were we living in the world’s nastiest hotel, we were living in the world smallest. With kids, it was especially difficult. To allow Alexa to get some exercise and play with other children, we visited McDonalds and chick-fil-a. We like chick-fil-a much better. As I write this, I have decided to do a whole post on chick-fil-a. Yep-we like it that much.

3. We are thankful

We are much more grateful for our home, our food, a clean place to sleep, breathable air, un-stained walls, etc. When we finally moved into our condo, I cried. Not because we were sleeping on air mattresses, didn’t have any food, or didn’t have any furniture. I cried tears of joy because I felt home. We hadn’t lived in our own home for a month, so it was a great feeling. We are very blessed, and truly do have so much to be thankful for, and this experience had made us even more grateful.

4. We found Jim’s

If your shopping list consists of exotic cheeses, live lobster, seaweed, octopus, specialized hot sauce, bug candy, Indian spices, any type of candy, camel meat, honey from around the world, or any other hard to find item, Jungle Jim’s has it. The place is GIGANTIC. Like the “four Costco sized” giant. If I decided to be that person that lived inside of Wal-Mart, I would definitely change locations and camp out at Jim’s.

The first time I went was rather overwhelming. It was overwhelming in a good way. I started by just shopping in the “normal” part of the store to get the things we needed: milk, cereal, bread, peanut butter, water, apples, blackberries, yada yada. I then turned the corner to behold the magic. Not only do they have every single “normal” grocer item at a good price, they have a HUGE selection of…..well…..everything.

Finding delicious honey can sometimes be a sticky situation. They had over 200 different kinds!

A spicy hot sauce? no sweat! They have 2 AISLES of hot sauce. Alphabetized.

You won’t even run into any humps if your recipe calls for tender camel meat.

It’s only natural to get frustrated when looking for gluten-free, organic, natural, sugar-free, or other more specialized food products. Jim’s has multiple sections devoted to varying dietary needs.


Welcome to the jungle

This little beauty is the barbeque sauce aisle. Not to be confused with the condiment aisle in the “normal” part of the store that is also very saucy.

After going to Jim’s with the girls for the first time, we knew we had to go back. I told Cameron about it. I raved about how amazing it is, how many products it has, etc. I know he thought I was exaggerating (which I rarely do….). When we finally got the chance to go as a family, I was worried I had talked about it so much and created so much hype about the place that when cameron saw the market it would be a letdown. I’m sure he pictured a mundane marketplace, but figured it was great compared to where we were living. In reality, although he did THINK I was exaggerating, I was not. When he arrived, he was still astounded. When we were in the checkout lane he said he had never had fun grocery shopping until that day. Well, you’re welcome, husband. You’re welcome.

Needless to say, we went back 4 times while living at the “hotel”. Writing this post has forced me to schedule a trip back. Let me know if you need anything!

* I do not get any compensation, nor do I have any affiliation with Jungle Jim’s. Although I wish I did.